Taking pride in being a major powder coating manufacturer in Turkey and Europe, we continue on our journey, with perseverance and resolution of coloring up customers’ product ranges and lives and offering environmentally friendly and healthy solutions.

Since day one, we have played an important role in expanding the volume of the industry. Single-handedly, we cover about 30% of the powder coating production in Turkey. Exporting 50% of our production to 40 different countries, we are proud to take the lead in exports as a pioneering manufacturer of powder coating.

Thanks to our global export network, we are delighted to offer customers in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, North African countries and the Turkic Republics top-line, environmentally friendly surface coating solutions.




Powcoat Technology and R&D Center

At Turkey’s first R&D center for powder coating technologies, we continue to shape the future of the industry, adapting to trends as quickly as possible and providing functional solutions to our customers.

With over 850 employees, we stand by you at each step of the way, be it in the pre-sale or after-sale stage.

Modern Technology

Functioning as a subsidiary of Pulver Kimya, Powcoat produces MDF powder coatings, offering customers thrifty and eco-friendly coloring solutions, empowered and enabled by our cutting-edge facility.

Although powder coating is a coloring product that can be applied on conductive surfaces, Powcoat products can also be applied to wooden surfaces such as MDF, all thanks to the unique formula we have developed with our team of experts, guided by our new technology-development processes.

 By designing healthy, premium, and environmentally friendly powder coatings for wooden surfaces, we make your products look smarter at much lower costs.

We attach great importance to customer satisfaction; making a sale is never the end of things since with our competent team of technicians, we offer fast and sustainable solutions whenever you need them.


Being an active player in the MDF powder coating industry, we aim to continue to provide solutions that make our customers smile, contribute to the progress of the industry with our R&D initiatives, enhance the functionality of our product range by being a close follower of new technologies across the board, and continue our journey as a global and trustworthy company.


We offer environmentally friendly and healthy powder coating solutions, high-end products perfectly adapted to the unique needs of customers. Maintaining an ambitious investment drive and heavily investing in R&D, we can offer reasonably priced solutions to customers, who still enjoy the highest standards of quality.

Powcoat Presentation