Baby and Kids Furniture

Choosing the right kind of furniture for your baby or child’s room is of great importance for the healthy development of children.

Certain types of coating applied on furniture can adversely affect health, as they cause chemical reactions and release odors into the air. It can also cause allergic reactions in babies and children with sensitive skin.

To prevent all these, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating offers healthy solutions for baby and children’s furniture!

Baby and children's furniture colored with Powcoat MDF Powder Paint does not emit odor.

Baby and kid’s furniture colored with Powcoat MDF Powder Coating does not release unpleasant odors. Containing no volatile substances, it releases no displeasing odors that require weeks of ventilating to disappear. 

Furniture colored with Powcoat MDF Powder Coating, which even babies and children with sensitive skin can safely interact with, as it is anti-allergic and antibacterial, does not cause chemical reactions, not containing solvents.

Application Facility

At Powcoat’s cutting-edge Application Facility for its specially formulated MDF Powder Coating, baby and kid’s furniture is firstly treated with the MDF powder coating primer, given a final coat of paint by robots before being cured in an IR oven unit.

Once they cool off, they are ready for shipment. Going through a rapid process of powder coating application, pieces of chic-looking furniture are ready to grace your domestic spaces.

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