MDF Powder Coating for Kitchen Furniture

It is extremely important that the furniture used in kitchens poses no health risks because that is usually where people have their meals.

 Unfortunately, most furniture has a coating that causes allergic and chemical reactions, putting users at risk of health, especially in a setting like kitchens where food gets prepared and eaten.

Furniture containing harmful substances like solvents causing chemical reactions and releasing unpleasant odors can be a source of nuisance for users who end up needing to ventilate their spaces for days. By choosing a healthy option, you will have none of those issues with Powcoat MDF Powder Coating!

It is possible to practically clean the furniture colored with Powcoat MDF Powder Paint.

Powcoat MDF Powder Coating offers businesses cost-effective, reliable, and healthy solutions for kitchen settings. Moisture resistant and made to last, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating gives kitchen cabinets and caps an elegant look.

Application Facility

At Powcoat’s cutting-edge Application Facility for its specially formulated MDF Powder Coating, kitchen furniture is firstly treated with the MDF powder coating primer, given a final coat of paint by robots before being cured in an IR oven unit.

Once they cool off, they are ready for shipment. Kitchen furniture gets a fresh look with Powcoat’s cutting-edge yet budget-friendly paint solutions, making both businesses and users happy as it looks good and is made to last.

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