MDF Powder Coating for Office Furniture

Office spaces can have hundreds of workers sitting inside them for hours on end, all the more reason to be careful about what paint you choose for your office furniture to protect employee health.

Office furniture colored with non-resistant paint tends to lose its stylish appearance in a short time, while paint containing volatile substances like solvents release odors putting users’ health at risk. That is why it is so important to opt for eco-friendly paint that cares about human health.

Adding an elegant touch to offices and enhancing employee comfort, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating, environmentally friendly, healthy, and cost-effective, is a highly sought-after brand among companies and employees. Being odorless, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating causes no chemical reactions as it is solvent-free. No days long ventilation of the office space is required when the furniture arrives. The furniture is instantly ready to use.

Powcoat MDF Powder Coating promises a long service life as it is durable and made to last.

Being anti-allergic, even users with sensitive skin can come into contact it. As it is easy to clean and antibacterial, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating keeps your furniture in a hygienic condition.

Application Facility

At Powcoat’s cutting-edge Application Facility, office furniture is firstly treated with the MDF powder coating primer and given a final coat of paint by robots in a matter of minutes.

After being cured in an IR oven unit, they are set to the side to cool off before being shipped out for delivery.

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