When brought together, panels turn into a piece of furniture that can be used in homes and offices and they are extremely important to create comfortable as well as healthy living and working spaces.

For the end-user, healthy and environment-friendly paint is essential when it comes to the materials such as plywood, MDF, and chipboard panels as well as drywall and concrete boards.

If the coating of panels is not suitable for contact with food and causes chemical reactions and allergies, this can lead to terrible smells in our living spaces such as the kitchen and office. Moreover, it might not disappear easily even if you ventilate the rooms.

It offers health-friendly and stylish surface coloring solutions with its odorless structure.

Powcoat MDF Powder Coating offers healthy and stylish solutions for surface coating with its solvent and odor-free contents.

Panels coated with Powcoat MDF Powder Coating deliver a hygienic experience to users thanks to the anti-allergic and antibacterial structure of the coating. Safe for all users, these panels do not cause any lifelong chemical reactions as they do not contain volatile substances such as solvents.

Application Facility

At Powcoat’s MDF Powder Coating Application Facility, which is equipped with the latest technology, panels first go through a powder primer process and then the final powder coating application. At this stage, they get carefully coated by automatic coating robots in accordance with the desired colors and surface structure. Cured in the IR oven unit, panels then become ready for the cutting and assembly processes to be used for products such as cabinets, nightstands, tables, consoles, coffee tables, and TV units.

The Powcoat MDF Powder Coating offers both interior and exterior applications in the panel industry while breathing new life into our living spaces with its respectful approach to the environment as well as people. In addition to the affordable prices, it also provides the standard color comfort responding to the industrial needs by creating powerful designs in architectural applications thanks to its ral color and special metallic products.

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