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Pulver Kimya is happy to introduce you to its MDF Powder Coating Application Facility.

This facility is the go-to address for you if you have furniture you wish to have painted with MDF powder coating, allowing you to make space savings in the manufacturing area while bringing you cost-effective solutions for painting applications.

Automatic painting robots

At Powcoat’s cutting-edge Application Facility for its specially formulated MDF Powder Coating, your furniture is given a coat of paint by robots, cured in an IR oven unit, and made ready for shipment in a matter of minutes. You get to save both time and energy thanks to our proprietary IR oven and wide range of paint products curable at low temperatures.

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Contact us now to have your products colored at the MDF Powder Coating Application Facility where we only use eco-friendly, top-line paint products that do not harm human health.

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