MDF Powder Coating for Door Applications

Connecting spaces in houses and offices, doors are particularly prone to wear and tear, constantly opened and closed by users, which means a door with worn off coating takes away a lot from an elegant and glossy setting. 

Also, certain paint products threaten human health, releasing odors and containing chemical-reaction-causing substances. Durable and resistant, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating helps doors preserve their fine look for a long time while offering a healthy user experience.

Eco-friendly and healthy, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating offers premium and cost-effective solutions for door manufacturing. VOC-free and free from solvents, it promises a healthy experience.

Doors colored with Powcoat MDF Powder Paint do not emit odors and do not cause chemical reactions.

Doors colored with Powcoat MDF Powder Coating release no odors and cause no chemical reactions. Releasing no odors, the windows do not have to be kept open for days when the panel doors are installed, which offers great comfort for users.

Anti-bacterial and anti-allergic and containing no skin irritants or other hazardous substances, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating allows fine, aesthetic touches that chime in with your domestic spaces while offering durability.

Application Facility

At the cutting-edge Powcoat MDF Powder Coating Application Facility, panel doors get a single coat of paint while CNC doors are firstly treated with the MDF powder coating primer before being given a final coat of paint by robots. Cured in an IR oven unit, they are set to the side to cool off and sent out for shipment.

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