What is Presscoat?

Presscoat is a new and innovative coating method. In Presscoat powder coating, differing from traditional powder coating technology, the powder layer is sealed with a hot press to harden powder coating fast and in low temperatures. In this way, the cycle is completed in a short period of time and overall continuity is ensured.


Presscoat is characterized by a simple and low pressure process.


It is a quick process at 130°C – 150°C, at a low temperature. Curing takes place less than one minute.


The Press process reduces the work steps meaning less packaging, shipping and finishing work.


It provides ample flexibility. Resists scratching and chemicals, and is easy to clean.

Design Flexibility

It has a wide range of surface types, from MDF and Chipboard to real wood.


Healthier and more environmentally friendly than solvent or water-based coatings. It produces up to 5 times fewer carbon food traces.

With Presscoat, you can get various surface opportunities with a wide range of colors and offer unprecedented design liberty.

Presscoat provides plenty of new opportunities to open up new decorative spaces. It provides the opportunity to diversify and enrich finished products with 3D effects and a wide variety of brightness levels.

If you are looking for a smooth surface, dead flat coating, high brightness, or other special effects, the Presscoat technology is your go-to address. Special decorations exclusive to paper and composite sectors, such as wood texture and a leather view, are not a dream with Presscoat technology.

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