A testimony to the outstanding skill and aptitude of our technical team of experts, Varnish MDF Powder Coating provides customers with cost-effective and elegant solutions across a range of products from baby room furniture to kitchen cabinets, from bathroom doors to dining consoles, from showcases to panel doors.

What is Varnish MDF Powder Coating?

Varnish MDF Powder Coating is a dry, solvent-free paint developed by Powcoat. It is made from transparent color pigments, hardener, solid resin, and filler. Even though powder coating is only applicable to conductive surfaces, this specially-formulated coating of Powcoat, can be applied on wooden surfaces such as MDF.

Varnish MDF Powder Coating is generally used for industrial natural wood coatings and cured interior and exterior facades. Since it is applied directly as a topcoat, it does not require preliminary filling work. It creates a paint layer of 30-40 microns on wooden surfaces, protecting them against the elements and making them last longer. Your products are cured for 5 minutes at 120 degrees after the application of varnish powder coating, packaged, and shipped out after cooling off.

Offers Cost-Effective Solutions

While 200-300 grams of liquid paint is needed per square meter for surfaces, 40 grams of powder coating will do the job for you. Powcoat Varnish MDF Powder Coating can offer up to 50% more cost-effective solutions compared to liquid paint. No paint goes to waste as it allows you to reuse surplus paint from spraying booth applications. Also, you can use Powcoat Varnish MDF Powder Coating for up to 6 months after opening it, while liquid paint must go on the same day.

Healthy Product

Anti-allergic and anti-bacterial, Varnish MDF Powder Coating does not contain substances that threaten health such as solvent, lead, mercury, making it a 100% healthy product. You can breathe freely since it does not emit any odors. Unlike liquid paint, it does not require you to ventilate your living spaces for days after purchasing your furniture for the smell to come out.


Powcoat Varnish MDF Powder Paint, a 100% environmentally friendly coating, does not release chemicals, allowing you to manage the coloring process with a low carbon footprint. It is VOC-free, allowing you to reuse surplus paint from powder booth applications with a simple sweep. Solid and durable, it continues to be an eco-friendly option by reducing packaging costs. 

Scratch and Fade-Resistant Coating

Being scratch-resistant, Powcoat Varnish MDF Powder Coating offers cost-effective packaging and transport. Furniture applied solvent-containing liquid paint might begin to yellow and fade as the solvent evaporates. However, there is no risk of yellowing and fading with Powcoat Varnish MDF Coating as it contains no solvents and no chemical release occurs.

Instant Color Change in Spraying Booth

While using liquid paint might entail you cleaning your spray gun and spraying booth using harmful substances like thinner and acetone, you do not need to interact with harmful substances when repainting your surfaces using Powcoat Varnish MDF Powder Coating. Just sweep away the powder coating in your spraying booth when you want a new color.

How is Varnish MDF Powder Coating applied?


Varnish MDF Powder Coating is intended for industrial wood-coated products. A single coat of paint does the job.


It creates a paint thickness of 40-60 microns on the product surface.


The product is cured at 120 degrees for 5 minutes.


After the product is taken out of the oven, it is set to the side for cooling before packaging and shipment.

Why Choose a Product Colored with Powcoat Varnish MDF Powder Coating for Your Domestic Spaces?

This specially-formulated coating of Powcoat can be applied on wooden surfaces such as MDF, promising a healthy experience as it does not emit odors or cause a chemical reaction. Unlike liquid paint, it does not require you to wait for a long time for the smell to come out of your furniture.

Scratch and fire-resistant, Powcoat Varnish Powder Coating helps keep your furniture in tip-top shape for much longer. It creates a cohesive color flow in your furniture, which is often an issue with liquid paint.

Anti-allergic and antibacterial, it contains no hazardous substances. It contains no skin irritants. Even babies and pregnant women with sensitive skin can come into contact with products applied Powcoat Varnish MDF Powder Coating.

Choose furniture painted with Powcoat Matte MDF Powder Coating; it protects your furniture and keeps your living spaces healthy.

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