Modular Furniture

Modular furniture, prone to wear and tear due to constant assembly and disassembly, transportation etc. deserves resistant and durable coating.

Otherwise, furniture may begin to fade away even before use, exposed to wear and tear during shipment or assembly/disassembly.

In addition, it is of great importance that modular furniture does not contain substances that cause chemical release and odor, such as solvents, in order to provide a healthy user experience.

 Offering budget-friendly solutions and much more durable in comparison to other sorts of paint, Powcoat MDF Powder Coating helps furniture maintain its glossy look while offering a healthy user experience.

Powcoat MDF Powder Coating, resistant to moisture and impact, does not release odors and does not threaten human health, not containing volatile and chemical reaction-causing substances such as solvents. Antibacterial and easy-to-clean, modular furniture that is colored with Powcoat MDF Powder Coating provides a hygienic experience. Anti-allergic, even users with sensitive skin can come into contact with it.

Application Facility

Modular furniture, given a good polish at Powcoat’s cutting-edge facility, gets a perfectly coherent look on a color scheme that is aesthetically pleasing. All parts and edges of modular furniture come together beautifully generating a coherent flow of colors.

At the Powcoat MDF Powder Coating Application Facility, modular furniture is firstly treated with the MDF powder coating primer before being given a refreshing color treatment by robots. Cured in an IR oven unit, they are set to the side to cool off. The furniture is ready to ship out within a matter of minutes.

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